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Effective 03.01.2021

Our office accepts exact cash and debit/credit cards.  All clients are required to have a credit card on file. For more detailed information, please contact our office

All co-pays, deductible amounts, and private pay fees are due at the beginning of each appointment, unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Please contact our office for additional information regarding the sliding fee scale.

Our fee for a regular 50-60-minute individual / family session is $120.00.

Consultations will be assessed at a rate of $25.00 per 15 minutes. The fee will be due upon scheduling, and this will secure the appointment. In the event that an appointment is made, the fee will be credited towards any future services rendered. 


* Consultation fee applicable for private insurance and self pay clients . 


*Our fee for an intake evaluation/ assessment is $160.00 unless it is covered by your insurance.

If you miss an appointment or if you do not provide 24 hours advance notice of cancellation of an appointment (except in the case of emergency), you will be charged $60.00 for the missed appointment or late cancellation.

Therapy Your Way Documentation Request Policy

Request for documentation to include letters, summary of services, medical leave, court documentation, FMLA or disability forms are assigned a fee depending upon the complexity of   documentation requested.

Please allow up to 14 business day to complete any request for documentation. Requests are to be submitted via secure fax or email and or in person in office by completing documentation request form. All proper consent forms must be on file.

Upon receipt of documentation request, an invoice will be provided for requested services, detailing cost/ fee and expected date of completion.

Before any information is completed or released payment for services and any past due balances must be paid in full. 


Expedited Documentation Request

Expedited request for a response or documentation within 1 business days is available for additional fee of $300.00.


Expedited request for a response or documentation within 3 business days is available for additional fee of $150.00.



FMLA paperwork generally requires a minimum of 1-2 hours to complete, due to the need for supporting clinical documentation. Short-term disability often takes longer to complete and may require additional assessments beyond my regular intake evaluation. The time required to make copies or prepare and send faxes, and any other administrative business (e.g. preparing releases of information or requests for records; phone calls to lawyers or other non-clinical calls) not directly related to the provision of clinical services,  will also be based on the complexity of the documentation request, with a minimum fee of $75.00.

There will be no completion of any FMLA, disability, other paperwork, or letters of support unless your therapist has met with you for at least 5-8 sessions.  We also will not complete any FMLA or disability paperwork if we do not believe we can support it based on what you have presented at intake and during sessions.

Court Appearance/ Services Fees

-$100 per hr. reviewing of materials, meetings, and conference calls.

-$150 per hr. for document preparation, appearances at depositions or testifying in court (plus any expenses).   * Noted at minimum of 3 hours allotted time, additional hours to be billed.

-50%  of payment due before scheduled court appearances.  Following forms of payment received . Forms payment accepted ; Credit card, cashier checks and money order.

If you have any questions regarding our fees and financial policy, please contact Therapy Your Way @ 803.708.6014 for additional information.

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